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What We Offer

cleanME offers radically personal cleaning services through an innovative logistics management platform.

We offer clients a simple, stress-free way to manage service and provide clean crew partners with the tools, continuous training & technology required to efficiently deliver it.

White Glove Service

    Insane attention to detail every single time
    Kitchens & bathrooms are our absolute specialty

Flat Rate of $179

    No bidding wars. No hourly rate shenanigans
    Clear flat rate. It covers 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, the kitchen, common areas & the notorious fridge

Trained Clean Crew

    Completion of cleanME way training program
    Reliable, meticulous, amicable & responsive
    Photographed & background checked
    5 star cleanME rating system

Automagic Platform

    No remembering. Booked & billed automatically
    No faceless cleaners. Picture & profile provided
    No repeating yourself. Add special requests to rooms
    No cleaning supply charges

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Who's It For

Happier Couples. Happier Roomates. Happier You.



We're betting you'd rather make love, not war over dirty dishes. We can't guarantee less fights, we're just saying you'll fight about something else.

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Two words. Kitchen Ratchetness. We can't promise that you'll all become BFF's, but the kitchen and all the "magic" that's happening in the fridge will be officially under control.

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Just You

We know you're working 24/7 to make your mark in the world, but there aren't enough hours in the day for work, play and chores Boo Boo. Spend precious free time doing things you love.

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If you're a vacation stay host, we're designing an extra awesome concierge service that's tailored to suit your unique needs. Join the invite list. We'll be in touch as soon as it's ready.

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How It Works

3 Steps To Bliss: Consult. Clean. Automagic

1 - The Consultation

    It starts with a 30 minute in-person consultation.
    We meet with you so that we can fully assess the needs of your space; plus, we get a chance to introduce ourselves. Yay!
We then create a custom cleanME service plan to suit your needs.

2 - The Cleaning

    Basically, we clean the "heck" out of your home with green products & techniques.
    We meticulously handle personalized requests that you've noted on the cleanME platform.
    Kitchen & bathrooms are given BIG LOVE. We work extra hard to make them sparkle.

3 - The Automagic

    The cleanME platform will manage the details & moving parts to insure that future service is scheduled, delightful and effortless.

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